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The Peck Family Historical Collection

Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to present the Peck Family Historical Collection. The sale offers very diverse and eclectic items acquired by three generations of Peck family members, from the late 1880s to present day – great-grandfather Dr. Albert Peck, long-time a medical missionary then physician for China's first president; grandfather Llewellyn Peck, who was born in Tienstin (Tianjin), China, and became editor of the Northern California newspaper Saratoga Star; and Llewellyn's son, Willys and his wife, Betty Wesson Peck, a Renaissance man and woman who were vital, esteemed and beloved members of the town of Saratoga, California.

Offering over 215 lots, this sale features a very diverse and eclectic range of items, including artworks, autographed letters or photographs, militaria, an Edison Home Phonograph and cylinders, early cameras and phones, toys and dolls, railroad lanterns, vintage European currency, stamps on letters, book collections, collections of photographs and postcards, and much more. There are also several items from Japan and Tibet, and a wide selection from China, many from the 19th century. From China are medals; woven silk panels and embroideries; a silk robe; censers; opium pipes, carved figures, including jade; Kangxi and other vases; fingernail guards; a cloisonné bowl and vases; lacquer boxes; documents and an ancestor plaque; memorabilia from the Boxer Revolution; numerous photos and postcards; calligraphy and painted scrolls; scroll maps; paintings on paper; and landscape scrolls. American historical items include letters from Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, a signed photo of a young Mark Twain, an 1867 award by President Andrew Johnson, and a reception invitation to the inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant. From World Wars I and II are books, soldiers' ephemera, and military clothing and helmets.

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