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The One-Owner Collection of Napoleonic Items of Eustis Paine, 20th-Century Industrialist


Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to present the collection of Napoleonic items of George Eustis Paine, a noted 20th-century industrialist from New York, New York, and Newport, Rhode Island. The fine collection of over 155 items comes to sale from Michele Thomure from Illinois, who is Mr. Paine’s step-granddaughter. The sale features a Napoleonic library, including Napoleon’s personal map, autographed material, and books belonging to and about Napoleon; several bronze sculptures of him; portrait miniatures; snuff boxes; and other items of the era.  

G. Eustis Paine (1893-1953) was a wealthy 20th-century industrialist, banker and executive, who was chairman of the board of the New York and Pennsylvania Co., paper manufacturers. He was born in Willsboro, New York and graduated from Columbia University. Besides the company he headed, he was Trustee of Hanover Bank, a director and chairman of the Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Company’s executive committee, and a director and executive committee member of the Great Northern Paper Co.  

He also was a summer resident of Newport, Rhode Island, for 20 years, until his death.  The estate he owned there, “Land’s End,” has a storied history. Located on Ledge Road in Newport, the summer “cottage” was also owned by Edith Wharton (1862-1937), the first woman winner of the Pulitzer Prize for ‘The Age of Innocence.’ She purchased it in 1893 for $80,000 from Robert Livingston Beeckman (1866-1935), a former U.S. Open Tennis Championship runner-up who later became Governor of Rhode Island in 1915 for six years. During the decade Wharton owned the estate, she and revivalist architect Odgen Codman, Jr. redesigned the house and grounds, which became the basis of her book ‘The Decoration of Houses.’ Today, “Land’s End” is found on the southeast end of the well-known Cliff Walk along the eastern shore of Newport. Designated in 1975 as a National Recreation Trail, this 3.5-mile, public-access walk combines natural beauty of Newport’s shoreline with the architectural history of the Gilded Age.

While the history of Eustis Paine’s interest in collecting Napoleana is unknown, he was a world traveler, and honorary trustee of the French Institute. At his death, Eustis Paine was married to the former Katryna Weed Dana, Michele Thomure’s grandmother.

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