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Native American Jewelry and Collectibles

Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to present Native American Jewelry and Collectibles on Sunday, September 9. Offering over 200 lots from one major collector, this diverse sale features a wide selection of Native American and Southwest jewelry, including bracelets, squash blossom and heishi necklaces, ladies’ and men’s rings, numerous watch cuffs and watch bands, concho and other belts, pins, pendants, hat bands, belt buckles, bolos, ketohs and money clips. Most are Native American, including numerous Navajo and Zuni pieces, with sterling or coin silver; most have turquoise, coral or other embellishments. All are Old Pawn or vintage. 

Collectibles are from various tribes, among them Laguna, Pueblo, Hopi, Apache, Papago and Navajo, include pottery jars and vessels, rugs, dolls, Katsina-related carvings, headdresses, miniature baskets, cornhusk bags and other Native American items. The sale also offers a selection of moccasins. Artwork includes Navajo sand paintings, wall hangings and prints; sculpture, including Sacagawea II by Harry Jackson; and a Kwakiutl mask.

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